In many cases it is pain – reinforced by previous bad experiences, especially of children; or anesthesia punctures; in others, the fact of the awkward posture, keeping the mouth open and having many devices introduced into it; also the uncertainty about what they are going to do; and, why not say it, the economic cost that it can suppose.

Dentists are very aware of the fear that their patients feel when they go to the office and are trained to face it. But what can the patients themselves do to avoid it? Experts make some recommendations in this regard:

  • Identify the reason for the fear: it is important to reflect on the causes of the dentist’s own fear and analyze them calmly.
  • Information: Many times, going to a dental clinic and requesting information can help answer questions. It also allows you to know the place where you can go and see how the patients who leave the office do it with peace of mind.
  • Find a dentist or a trusted clinic: you can ask friends and family to visit the dentist regularly, so they can recommend one and tell you about their experience. You can even visit the clinic before making an appointment to see if you are inspired by confidence. You can talk to the receptionist, ask for information, and even recommend one of the professionals of the clinic, explaining that you feel fear of the dentist.
  • Ask for time: the earlier the appointment time, the fewer opportunities you will have to back down.
  • Prepare yourself mentally: once the decision is made, you must avoid any focus of anxiety or stress. It is best to go out, take a walk, talk with friends.
  • Ask a friend or family member to accompany you: being accompanied, reinforces the decision to go to the dentist, and facilitates distraction while waiting.
  • The first visit: the dentist’s first visit is usually a review of a treatment plan, so there will be no punctures or painful acts. However, before going, you should define everything you want to ask, taking into account your own fears.
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