All surgical intervention requires certain postoperative care, also in oral surgery, for example, after having an extraction or dental implant. Below we see several tips to take care of your mouth after this type of intervention.

Do Not Touch The Wound With Your Fingers Or Tongue

Bite on the gauze placed over the wound for half an hour, without changing it. If after removing the gauze, you see excessive bleeding, replace a gauze for 30 more minutes, and so on. Care must be taken when removing this later gauze, since the clot already formed can be removed and bleed again, so it is recommended to moisten them a little before removing them.

No Smoking

It is normal for the wound to bleed a little the first few days after the intervention. In addition to not smoking, it is advisable not to drink alcohol or carbonated beverages at that time. It is also not recommended to rinse, spit, or do violent exercises in the next 72 hours. If the bleeding is excessive and continuous, you should call or go to the clinic.

Pain And Swelling

After simple dental extractions or simple surgery of the mouth, some pain may appear that is usually calmed with the usual painkillers and painkillers. If it is a complicated case, take the medication prescribed by the doctor correctly. To reduce inflammation during the first 48 hours, you can place an ice pack on the inflamed area at times, 15 minutes, and rest 5 minutes for several hours continuously, as needed.

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